Below are the results of a simple internet shopping trip to choose which site to use to print a bunch of Christmas cards with a photo of the kids on.

So the simple specification was for 30 cards:

who price comments
Photobox £30 + delivery. Quick, pleasant to use, good print and best card quality. Google for discounts, special offers codes etc.
clickpostcard (via eBay) £19 fairly quick, moderate quality
Tesco £30 inc delivery Poor range of templates
123print £30 + £6 delivery untested
Optimalprint £50 Quick, pleasant to use, good print and card quality, but more than doubled the price since last year.
moonpig £45 + delivery untested
Lidl £31 + £6 delivery Poor range of templates.
Vistaprint £20 + £1.50 + £7.50 About as unpleasant to use as Ryanair, laden with surprise charges, and low quality, impossible to discover delivery charges until you've created the card *and* entered your payment details. I hated this site.

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