Giftster Christmas wish list
Some people are just impossible to get suitable gifts for. Various web sites aim to help by providing enabling you to create your own wish lists. The idea is throughout the year, when you think of something you might like to get one day, you add it to your internet wish list.
And the next time a friend or relative asks "what would you like for Christmas / you birthday", you merely point them to your internet wish list:

General purpose sites

Recommended: Giftster. Lists can be public, shared or private. Items available online or not online can be listed, and you don't have to register to reserve something from someone else's list. Their URL fetcher makes adding an item by pasting the link very easy - it can obtain the items name, description, price and image from the pasted link.

Also ran: Giftwhale. Laborious adding items, reservation system broken when tested, the confirmation email providing a dud link. Generally error handling is poor. But the site largely worked on my ancient smartphone!

Also ran: All prices shown as dollars. Registration required just to reserve an item.

Also ran: wishlistr. Only one list per account.

Also ran: Whimventory. Doesn't support simple text items - everything must be available online.

Also ran: Wishmindr. Doesn't support simple text items - everything must be available online. Private/ideas lists not supported. Bookmarklet (browser button) somewhat clunky.

No longer recommended: Amazon. Very Amazon-centric since some changes last year: links to other sites pasted in usually get subtly rendered disfunctional, and they have dropped support for their 'Wish from any site' browser button. The replacement 'Amazon Assistant' is a gross invasion of privacy.

Unsuitable: DreamList. US-only site, seems more aimed at money pledging.

Unsuitable: Only for Facebook users.

Unsuitable: Wishtack. Facebook or Google authentication required to view a list. Annoying home page.

Unsuitable: WishyBox. Facebook, Google, Twitter etc authentication only. Seems that registration is required to reserve items.

Catalogue style registries, that spoon feed annoying suggestions

Wedding registries, that tend to spoon feed annoying suggestions

Just the Thing Gift list / wedding gear.
The Bottom Drawer aggregates lists from many online shops and high street department stores.

Shops that restrict your list to the items that they sell

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