Genetically Manipulated Soya

Mr W G Walker CBE,
UK National Manager,
Unilever House,
London EC4P 4SQ

4 December 1996

          Genetically Manipulated Soya

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to read that Unilever branches in Germany, Sweden and Austria have decided
not to use genetically manipulated soya.

I can imagine there will be economic benefits for the growers of this new soya. However,
they are exposing the consumers of the changed product to an unknown risk. At the very
least consumers should be given the choice of whether to stick to the old product or take
advantage of any reduced cost of production by choosing the new, presumably cheaper
product. However, without adequate labelling of foods containing the new product
consumers will not have that choice. The market will be skewed in favour of the new soya,
and traditional producers will be forced out. I will be forced against my will to feed myself,
my wife and my son with food I do not know to be safe.

I feel very strongly about this issue, and am prepared to go to some trouble and expense to
keep myself and my family clear of this soya. My weekly shopping trip would be
immediately easier if Unilever UK joined its European branches and took the stance of not
using genetically manipulated soya.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Owen Lydiard