The Urrá dam

His Excellency Sr. Andrés Pastrana
Presidente de la República,
Palacio de Nariño,
Santafé de Bogotá,

6 January 1999

Your Excellency,

I have heard some worrying news about the Urrá dam project. It seems that violence is
being used in the conflict between the supporters of the dam and the local people who will
be negatively affected by the project.

Apparantly the dam supporters have enlisted a paramilitary group to help their cause.
Already a leader of the Emberá Katío people, the 60 year old Alonso Domico Jarupia, has
been shot dead outside his house. Many others have received death threats, and there has
been an attempt to abduct the children of an advisor to ONIC, an organisation supporting
the Emberá.

I believe that the safety and security of the Emberá Katío people is the responsibility of your
government, that it is crucial to ensure that this issue is resolved peacefully, and that justice
must be seen to be done by all those involved. To achieve this, all paramilitary groups
must be disbanded, and the killers of Alonso Domico Jarupia must be prosecuted for their crime.

Yours faithfully,

Owen Lydiard, Director, Have IT Now Limited