Oil Exploration in Peru

Mr Lucio Noto,
President and Chairman,
The Mobil Oil Corporation,
3225 Gallows Road,

cc: H. E. Alberto Fujimori, President of Peru, Palacio de Gobierno, Plaza de Armas, Lima 1, Peru

27 June 1996

Dear Sir,

I have recently heard that oil company Mobil has been given the right to explore for oil in
two areas of your country known as Blocks 77 and 78. I believe this action could have dire
consequences for the inhabitants of the areas concerned.

In particular, the indigenous Indians of Block 77 will be put into contact with diseases
against which they have no immunity, and will in all probability lead to many deaths.

It is my belief that the rights of the indigenous peoples must always be respected, and their
consent given before their land be used by outsiders. Until this occurs, Mobil should not
proceed with this exploration.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Owen Lydiard