Innu Land Claim Negotiations

Rt. Hon. Jean Chretien MP,
Prime Mininister,
House of Commons,
Ontario KIA 0A6

7 February 2000

I am glad that your government is attempting to negotiate a settlement to the land claims
of the Innu people.

However, I am concerned that the negotiations are not being done entirely fairly. I
understand that some of the land is already being given to outsiders and multinationals
before agreement is reached, and that the government is not allowing for the possible
outcome that the Innu keep the land. To me, this is wrong.

I realise that sections of their land may have been taken many years ago, and that it may be
difficult for your government to fix the wrongs of, for example 100 years ago.

However, new wrongs need not happen. I expect of the current government of a modern
Canada to prevent new wrongs from taking place.

So I must ask of you, until agreement with the Innu people has been reached, to:
- stop handing over Innu land to others, and
- stop the industrial development currently taking place without Innu agreement.

I see no principle why agreement for specific areas could not be settled one by one, rather
than finding a comprehensive settlement for the whole of this land.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Owen Lydiard