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Argos - The ability to reserve the stuff you want to buy before getting in the car and going there is fab!.
Riverford - deliver a boxes of organic fruit and veg every week, so I no longer have to think 'ooh, I wonder which greens are still in season'.
Energy watch - gas & electricity price comparison.
optimalprint - card printing, quick turn-around, no hidden costs, and good print quality and material.

computer stuff

Firefox browser a great way to explore the internet.
Eclipse IDE - a free and excellent programming tool.

weather etc

Met Office or BBC - general weather forecast.
Met Office - local pollen forecast.
WMO Ozone Mapping Centre - ozone measurements.

do-gooder organisations

Survival International - organisation helping tribal peoples worldwide.
Amnesty International- human rights worldwide.
Unlock Democracy - UK democracy campaign (was Charter88).
Liberty - protecting civil liberties.
Friends of the earth - tree huggers anonymous.

Other random places

The Register - alternative news.

further reading

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